Career Resources: Is it dangerous to change jobs in a slowing economy?

If I am the last one hired will I be the first fired? A slowing economy often produces fear and uncertainty that drives emotions to overshadow patience and logic.

A slowing economy can be a good time to change jobs. It is not necessarily a dangerous career move to take a new position heading into a down period in the market. In some ways it may be safer to move during a down point than at the freewheeling high point of the market.

If you are approached by a recruiter regarding a job in a slow economy keep in mind that this particular job opening must be of high importance to the company. If they are willing to a pay a recruiting fee and hire in a slow market you can be assured that this position is of importance to the business. Critical jobs get filled during a slow down, non-essential jobs get left open.

Also, companies that hire in an economic slow down are often the more proactive companies that are in a better position to grow after the downturn. Conventional wisdom says to ride out economic slowdowns but hunkering down at the job you have due to the uncertainty of the market. However, a down market can actually highlight the good opportunities in the market that are important to a company’s success.

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