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We established Ambs Chemical Search LLC in 1998 to provide specialized recruiting services for the chemical and refining industry. Ambs Chemical Search LLC believes in continuous training and development to provide the highest levels of service to our clients.

Robert Ambs founded Ambs Chemical Search LLC after spending nine years with a large national search organization, and earned his Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) designation from the National Association of Personnel Consultants in 1993. According to the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants, "The CPC designation has come to be recognized as our industry's highest standard and the public's assurance of quality."

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Why the Chemical/Refining Industry?

Specializing in one industry allows us to be more informed and knowledgeable of the needs of our clientele. Although the economic cycles are tough, we believe the chemical industry still provides excellent career opportunities for engineers, and its size and complexity offers a wide range of employment options.

The chemical industry as a whole continues to offer the top pay and benefits packages for engineers when compared to other manufacturing industries. Engineering jobs in all industries are becoming increasingly challenging, as industries deal with global competition, increased cost of energy and health care, and regulatory pressures. However, there are new challenges and opportunities created by these business pressures that will create new jobs. The demographics of the workforce in the chemical industry will create an increased demand for engineers as a large percentage of engineers are due to retire over the next three to ten years.

Ambs Chemical Search LLC stays alert to spot the trends for the best employment options, and we remain committed to the chemical industry for the long term.

Why Professional Representation?

It saves time, effort, and frustration, and gets results. Representation by an experienced recruiter greatly increases your chances of interviewing success for several reasons:

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