July 2017 Market Report

Hope you are enjoying summertime! The job market has keep us very busy through July mainly because 3 of our long term clients gave us a new batch of searches in June. The typical geographic hiring patterns have changed. The gulf coast still has opportunities but the Midwest and Northeast have been very active. The northeast was historically experiencing a mass exodus due to high cost of living and shrinking job options.

The market dynamics seems to be favoring the northeast now as specialty chems and pharmachems have been very active in hiring. The Midwest has added jobs in fermentation based chemistry and the ammonia industry. These two regions have been hot while the Gulf Coast continues its slower pace of hiring with oil/gas and refining remaining stagnant. We have seen many job searches this year end with internal candidates filling the role!

There seems to be more turmoil and adjustments within chemical companies this year that are freeing up internal candidates. This has been a noticeable trend, perhaps because we are working more Plant Manager and Maintenance Manager level jobs. I had one company hiring manager tell me the trend of more managerial jobs being open is created by the number of young people today who don’t want to be managers. Another hiring manager disagreed and said they all want to be the boss! Let me know if you have ideas on this! Please keep an eye on our website for new openings and email us directly if you have any specific questions. Have a great summer and God bless.

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